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Engine / Tuning / Intercoolers universal

Intercooler Universal

Found below are our universal intercoolers. They come in several different versions in terms of core size and connection diameter. What´s correct for your build depends on many factors.
Generally, the rule “the bigger the better” applies here.

An intercooler effectively works like a heat exchanger, where the ambient air coming from the front of the car will transfer the hot air coming from the turbo, within the intercooler, before it enters the inlet and on to the combustion chamber. Cold air holds a higher mass and more oxygen molecules than hot air and will therefore make a more efficient combustion. What you want is as cold air as possible, and as much of it as possible. Ergo, the airflow is equally as important!

Key features:
- All aluminum
- Always fully welded
- Always pressure tested
- Bar & Plate core with efficient heat transfer properties
- Flow verified on all units according to the graphs on each listing

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